To Mom and Dad


Hi Mom and Dad,

Santa in flannelMy name is Phil Gurganus and “I Know Santa”! There is good reason for that. I am Santa Phil and I might just be the “REAL” Santa. Many years ago it was decided that the world was changing and growing so much that there was more work than any one Santa could do. Santa and the other descendants of St. Nicholas joined together to make sure the love, joy, blessings and the true meaning of Christmas would reach everyone everywhere. We made a vow to never disclose who the “real” Santa is but, rest assured that we all have the same heart and soul of Christmas. It is up to every boy and girl to decide in their own heart who “Santa” is. We are all real Santa’s as long as we have a love for children, a heart for giving, the joy of laughter, a belief in our creator and, like St. Nicholas, the desire to follow in the footsteps of the first Gift and Giver, Jesus Christ.

After 17 years in law enforcement, I became tired of dealing with the naughty list all of the time and decided to change my focus to the nice list. Diane and I have always been “Christmas Crazy” and we have collected Santa figures for many years. I just sort of transformed into one of those figures and became Santa Claus. We consider it a “calling” and an extension of our ministry.



My wife Diane and I are honored to be Mr. and Mrs. Claus and count it a privilege to carry on the traditions. Our desire is to keep the Christ in Christmas and change the image of Santa Claus from the “department store” Santa back to that of a descendent of St. Nicholas.