Letters of Appreciation




Riverside letter

For those who would like to celebrate Christmas in a way that puts Christ in the proper perspective, I want to introduce you to Mr. Phil Gurganus. His love for the Lord has taken the history of Santa Claus and expanded it into a special ministry. His message as St. Nicholas touches the hearts of young and old alike and as Santa Claus he thrills a hearts of children. Here is a man who is putting Christ back in Christmas and you will not be disappointed by his presentation.


Tom plank, Minister
Galilee Christian Church
Jefferson, Georgia 30549


Riverside letter“I highly recommend Santa Phil for your holiday happenings"

“We found the real Santa! I know because he came to visit my classroom this past Christmas. I teach students with severe disabilities and Santa set up a special time to come and visit my students. We heard sleigh bells when he arrived with his sack of toys. It was amazing to watch the children's eyes light up as he took some time to set with each child and talk to them individually. He adapted easily to all of their special needs and was happy to pose for photographs with all the children. Santa gave each of my students a special teddy bear before he left and even sent a beautiful note the following week thanking us for the visit.

I know you will be happy the visit from this Santa. Not only does he look like the real Mr. Klaus, but he embodies the true spirit of Christmas. After a visit with Santa Phil, I guarantee you will believe"

Julie Hipple
Riverside Elementary School


Letter Nani I first met Santa Phil and the Home Depot where he works. I was joking with my business partner’s son by telling him Santa was in Home Depot. I pointed at Phil and his jeans and red suspenders. I told Noah to go ask him if he was Santa. He did and Phil said “yes”. Santa gave him his card and Noah told him that he would e-mail his Christmas list to him and I asked him for his card and told him it was for a little girl who would also like a letter from Santa. And that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between a little girl with autism and Santa Claus. With the help of her Nani, a letter was sent to Santa that touched his heart and in turn, he has touched the hearts of countless others young and old alike. After some communication, Santa and Mrs. Claus came to visit Ashlyn on Christmas Day and she was in awe.

From that day on many family members and friends have been touched by the Santa with a heart of gold who loads and praise for little children, and in caring for these little children, is touching the hearts of the big children in a tremendous way.

Santa and Mrs. Clause have become a part of our family, not just at Christmas, but all year long. From this one act of kindness many hearts have been touched. They have made such a difference and Ashlyn’s life, in my life that in the lives of our family, friends, business associates, etc. He truly shows the real meaning of Christmas 365 days a year area if others can be touched by this truth Santa Claus, then our world would be a better place.

Like the ad says… Priceless!
Kim Snell “Nani”

Yargo letter“Santa Phil has been at Yargo Elementary School the past two years. The students are always excited to see him. They're awestruck and amazed at his stories of the reindeer, elves and the North Pole when he visits classrooms. He is a wonderful song leader for our school wide Christmas program also. I can't think of anyone who could take Santa Phil's place at Yargo Elementary School.”

Mike Carnathan Former Principal
Yargo Elementary School